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Most of the courses I'm taking are through the Association for Talent Development. If your job has anything to do with managing, leading, or developing people ... or if you're interested in any of those areas, and you are not familiar with ATD, please check out their site. They offer amazing courses, a really great monthly magazine, and national and local memberships. 

The Great Unlearn is a program curated by Rachel E. Cargle through the platform Patreon. She provides a monthly syllabus for members covering topics including the and the intersection of race and sexual identity. She provides links to materials to read or watch and requests that community members provide thoughts and reflections on the materials she's provided. 

Tim Slade is the instructor for my Articulate Storyline course. While he offers a course through ATD, he also offers other courses on his own, in addition to creating award-winning e-learning solutions for clients around the globe. Check out his site for more information and to order his book The eLearning Designer's Handbook.

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